I would tell you over and over and over and over and over again, Happy Birthday aunt!


My wish 4 u is happiness and that u get a taste of all good things, Happy Birthday, Auntie


Happy birthday, I hope you have the time of your life,
May all your dreams come true, Happy Birthday aunt


Dear Aunt, on this day I would like to send you the very best congratulations


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and in the sky, white sheep’s clouds are pulling their paths. Happy Birthday, Auntie


I wish you a big, colorful bunch of luck, dear aunt, in your new year


Today it’s all for you, dear aunt! We are all looking forward to celebrating your birthday


Enjoy in peace, I wish you all the best
in Your life, Happy Birthday, Auntie


My aunt is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million. Happy Birthday aunt


I will always admire my Auntie
For my whole life you see
Because even though I’m still a kid
She spends so much time with me


She is not only my favorite Aunt but she is my role model,
and to be like her, would be my only wish.


My aunt Charice is really the best with her heart as pure as gold, Happy Birthday aunt


My aunt lets you know what you see is what you get, H. B. aunt


Thank for being my friend, philosopher and guide, Happy Birthday aunt


The Warmth and Kindness
of your Heart..
Makes you more Beautiful
Year after Year
Wishing a Very
Happy Birthday
to My Special Aunt!


I hope that your life will be full of fragrance of roses. Happy Birthday Auntie


My aunt, you are next to me after my mom. That is why I am sending this lines with love to you on this very special day


You`re a very special Aunt
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day


I look up to you

In every way

I try to be like you

Every single day – Happy Birthday Aunt


You are my agony aunt

In the true sense

I can call you any time

To discuss anything intense